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Willemstad - Kuenta I Tambu has created this sound called Tambutronic – a wild and colorful explosion of energy Afro Caribbean music from our own Dushi island Curacao.

It is really challenging to put on paper what kind of music we are talking about therefor without much further introduction we refer you to http://www.kuentaitambu.com/pages/videos.html

Kuenta I Tambu is the band of Roel Calister, Curacao born and raised gentleman, studied International Business in Holland and shortly after receiving his masters joined the Rotterdam top logo kitConservatory to master his love of Percussion. In 2005 he opens his own drum school and sure enough by 2009 he start the band called Kuenta I Tambu – which stands for Stories and Tambu.

Tambu being the core of the music he created today Tambutronic, where he emphasis the roots of the Curacao music with cajon, chapi, kachu besides the drums and congas mixed with techno sounds.

The band has played at the North Sea Jazz, Caribbean Sea Jazz Aruba, New York Lincoln Center for the Performance Arts, Kennedy Center for the Performing arts in Washington to name a few and several well know festivals all over the world. This band somehow is capable of in minutes of performing set off the entire dance floor on fire.

They just launched their new album called Rais, where the song Dutch Major Leaguer who was the title song for Curacao Baseball Week is being performed.

With love, pride and gratitude QUBE is hosting their concert in Aruba and Curacao this coming weekend. On December 15th in Aruba they will perform at Emotions with DJ FAB, Ataniro & Zyon taking on the stage before Kuenta I Tambu blowing the place up. The next day they will fly early morning to Curacao to set Villa Maria on fire, December 16th.

For both venues the tickets are 40 ANG at the door (presale is 30 ANG). For VIP tickets in Curacao you can call +5999 5256999 or for Aruba +5999 5100514.